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Yong Zheng, Founder & CEO , GEEKYong Zheng, Founder & CEO To meet customer expectations and improve their shopping experience.”

This is a commonly found mission statement in most organizations’ websites and a largely focused goal to achieve positive business outcomes. However, in today’s tech-savvy world, appeasing customers is no easy feat.

With millennials and younger generations increasingly using e-commerce channels for shopping, the expectations for a satisfying experience are drastically high. Doorstep delivery has become a minimum requirement when it comes to online shopping. Modern customers also prefer high-speed delivery and product diversification from their favorite retailers. Especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are shopping online more often, and greater speed in delivery is critical than ever.

In response, retailers are finding ways to improve their supply chains and ensure smooth and cost-effective processes. Consequently, they

have to increase the efficiency of warehouse operations to meet the high-volume purchase requirements and on-time delivery needs from customers. However, the traditional manual practices favored in the warehousing landscape are creating barriers for retailers to enhance their logistical competence—manual picking leads to inefficiency and slows down of supply chain process, while organizations are faced with labor shortage problems.

How can then retailers transform warehouse operations to meet demanding customer expectations, enhance labor productivity, and fulfill orders with minimal cost?

Enter Geek+, a global technology company specializing in smart logistics. Integrating AI and autonomous mobile robots, the company has developed an array of intelligent robotics solutions to simplify and streamline warehousing and factory operations. These solutions of Geek+ can be tailored to fit each customer’s site and business needs, increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the supply chain. A key feature of its ingenious solutions is the scalability brought to the table—within a single fulfillment center or across a network of facilities—that can be adjusted in response to the seasonal trends or unexpected crises in delivery. “We are dedicated to developing all kinds of smart logistics solutions to help retailers achieve smarter logistics and maintain competitive edge,” says Yong Zheng, Founder and CEO of Geek+.

Intelligent and Sleek Robots at your Service

Geek+ helps organizations revamp their warehousing processes through flexible solutions that integrate mobile robots, robot arms, computer vision, IoT technologies, and management systems inside the warehouse and the factory. Ensuring seamless automation of almost every warehouse operation, Geek+ has introduced dedicated robot series for picking, moving, sorting, forklift systems, to name a few. These intelligent robotic systems are easily compatible with existing processes and can be tailored according to the changes happening in product storage and production capacity. The robots help workers to carry out routine operations faster than ever and enhance accuracy in multiple processes. This also means that the robotic solutions of Geek+ improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, ultimately resulting in faster delivery for customers.

he entire groundbreaking product series of Geek+ is equipped with advanced technologies for navigation, perception, and control. Technologies such as light detection and ranging (LiDAR), visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and 2D code systems facilitate reliable positioning references through feature maps without the need for intrusive infrastructure.

We are dedicated to developing all kinds of smart logistics solutions to help retailers achieve smarter logistics and maintain competitive edge

T To achieve accurate detection of the target and ensure robustness, multi-sensor information, such as RGBD camera, LiDAR, and safety sensors, are combined with deep learning algorithms. Besides, the motion control parameters adaptive algorithm based on the high-efficiency control model enables the autonomous movement of robots ensuring smooth operation.

Powering these modern and sleek robotic solutions by Geek+ is its innovative software architecture, deeply adapted to the industry with complete coverage of diversified systems, including robot management and intelligent warehouse execution. It consists of a data and simulation platform, an algorithm library, and a highly modular interface platform in addition to a robot management system (RMS) that simplifies multi-agent scheduling and task management. The architecture supports both cloud and local deployment and can simultaneously conduct traffic management, task allocation, capacity optimization, safety emergency stops, and other control operations.

Implementing Smart Robotics Made Easier than Ever

Geek+ provides all of its robotic systems and management software through a robust robot-as-a-service (RaaS) package. This shared-robot model offers organizations of all sizes seamless access to advanced robotic technologies. Under RaaS, Geek+ operates over 300,000 square meters of warehouses and has created a shared network of thousands of robots. Further taking flexibility to the next level, Geek+ offers cost-effective robot rental services as per client needs. A key benefit of this model is that clients can effectively reduce their initial investment and lower the entry threshold while improving warehouse operations' efficiency and decreasing overall operating costs.

In addition, Geek+ provides operating and management support, ensuring the clients’ have the right solutions with minimum downtime and maximum system efficiency. Under 24/7 technical support, the company offers a service platform along with remote technical support and system maintenance and upgrade. A notable feature is its field services that include onsite repair when required, following local regulations and safety requirements. Through training courses, Geek+ also ensures the transfer of in-depth knowledge and expertise of its products to client employees or service partners.

Innovation at its Core

At the core of the ingenious solutions and services of Geek+ is its dedicated focus on uncovering the potential of intelligent AI algorithms to build core competence for sustainable competitive advantage.

The company has been developing robust algorithms suited for robotic intelligence and multi-robot collaboration. Through its expert R&D team, Geek+ brings together world-class robotics, computer science, and AI engineers with industrial engineers that have a deep understanding of logistics, offering comprehensive solutions to clients.

Geek+ also believes that technology and industry partnerships are integral for transforming the global supply chain, along with in-house expertise. The company partners with technology leaders in cloud computing, Internet of Things, and robotics to provide customers with integrated smart logistics solutions. Geek+ also maintains strong ties with logistics real estate developers, 3PL, express delivery and transportation, manufacturers, retailers, and brands to open upstream and downstream, promote synergies and accelerate the overall transformation of the supply chain.

Trailblazing the Future of Warehousing

Through its advanced robotics solutions, Geek+ is empowering a broad range of industries—apparel, retail, automotive, electronics, energy, and pharmaceuticals. The company is already collaborating with industry-leading organizations such as Alibaba and Walmart to improve their warehousing functions. Highlighting one such scenario, Zheng cites an instance wherein Geek+ helped Decathlon manage operations in warehouse facilities across China. One of the biggest challenges for local businesses in China is hiring and retaining team members due to its highly competitive labor market. Decathlon initiated a search for a radical new automation solution, in which the criteria also included scalability and flexibility to expand its business and manage unpredictable demand-cycle. These requirements led Decathlon to approach Geek+ for its intelligent robotic systems portfolio.

By deploying Geek+ goods-to-person autonomous mobile robots to its warehouses, Decathlon was able to triple the average productivity of labor, increase inventory capacity by 40 percent, secure return on investment in under three years and rapidly scale up its automation at short notice without having to make any large investments. Currently, the Geek+ systems have been deployed in seven phases on Decathlon sites, with two new sites set up remotely at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The client was also able to keep many of its warehouses operating with remote support from Geek+.

Geek+ is indeed leading the technology revolution in the logistics landscape by applying advanced robotics and AI technologies. Going forward, the company plans to introduce its leading-edge robotic automation capabilities beyond China and Japan and into Europe and the U.S. markets. The firm will also invest in augmenting its robotic technology to add new features to benefit its clients. “We strive to horn our technological capabilities to address each challenge faced by our clients and provide a comprehensive warehouse automation, ultimately enabling them to meet cust.

- Linda James
    May 06, 2021
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Beijing, China

Yong Zheng, Founder & CEO

Geek+ is a global technology company leading the intelligent logistics revolution. The company apply advanced robotics and AI technologies to realize flexible, reliable, and highly-efficient solutions for warehouses, factories, and supply chain management. Founded in 2015, Geek+ has over 800 employees and is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Germany, the UK, the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore